One of the widespread criticisms leveled towards Bitcoin is that it’s sluggish, at the least in comparison with newer imitations. However its stage of decentralization means simply 6 transaction confirmations present full safety towards double spending.

Not All Blockchain Confirmations Are the Identical

So what number of confirmations are required by the altcoins to supply the identical quantity of labor to safe the community? And the way lengthy do these confirmations take? Fortunately, developer Luke Childs made a factor, then Charlie Shrem kindly tweeted that factor.

1. Bitcoin (BTC)

The benchmark; with over $130 billion market cap and simply 6 confirmations required to safe the community. Estimated time – 1 hour and a couple of minutes.

2. Ethereum (ETH)

Let’s have a look at Ethereum, the long-standing second largest cryptocurrency by market cap at over $20 billion. To do the identical quantity of labor securing the community as 6 bitcoin confirmations require nearly 1400 confirmations. Estimated time – 5 hours and 11 minutes (or 5x slower than Bitcoin).

3. Litecoin (LTC)

An early facsimile of Bitcoin, with a special hashing algorithm, Litecoin is the fifth largest cryptocurrency, with a market cap over $5.75 billion. It could take 250 confirmations to do the equal work of 6 BTC confirmations. Estimated time – 11 hours and 19 minutes (or 11x slower than Bitcoin).

4. Bitcoin Money (BCH)

The Bitcoin Money arduous fork is simple to match because it makes use of the identical hashing algorithm. It’s the 4th greatest crypto by market cap, at over $6.6 billion. However it will take 122 confirmations to supply the identical quantity of community securing at Bitcoin’s 6. Estimated time – 19 hours and 19 minutes (or 18x slower than Bitcoin).

Honorable Mentions

Bitcoin SV, Sprint, and Monero are available in between two and 4 days (53x, 78x, and 90x slower respectively). Relative minnows, Zcash and Ravencoin, bat effectively above their weight, at 1 day eight hours (31x slower) and 1 day 17 hours (40x slower). And Ethereum Traditional is available in simply forward of Monero at 88x slower than Bitcoin.

All the pieces else is over 200x slower than Bitcoin’s 6 confirmations to supply the identical network-securing work.


This comparability is of the variety of confirmations required to do the identical quantity of labor as 6 Bitcoin confirmations. It doesn’t bear in mind any potential variations in community design which can facilitate larger safety by way of much less work.

bitcoin miners mining hashrate

It additionally, by design, it doesn’t embrace non-Proof-of-Work tokens, a lot to the chagrin of the Ripple military. I’ll log out with a remark left on Shrem’s tweet… after which simply slowly again away.

Dude… Bitcoin will be 51% attacked, transactions will be double spent and historical past rolled again.

$XRP L transactions are *closing* and *nothing* will be rolled again.

It’s 2019. Cease emberassing your self.

In any case, it does look like Bitcoin’s sluggish and regular method is successful the center’s of buyers across the globe.

Ought to altcoins be extra sincere in regards to the precise confirmations required? Share your ideas beneath!

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