Bank of England Governor Warns Cryptocurrencies Won’t Last

The governor of the Bank of England, Andrew Bailey, believes that no existing cryptocurrencies will last. Talking about the design, governance, and arrangements of “a lasting digital currency,” the...

Bank of England Moves Closer to Negative Interest Rates, Surveys Banks’ Readiness

The Bank of England has moved closer to adopting a negative interest rate policy. The central bank has asked commercial banks in the U.K. to provide details of how...

UK Court Overturns Ruling on $1 Billion Venezuelan Gold at Bank of England

The UK Court of Appeal has overturned an earlier court ruling which denied Nicolas Maduro access to Venezuela’s gold worth about $1 billion kept at the Bank of England....

Op-Ed: Why You Should Hold Bitcoin Over Government Fiat?

The Bank of England governor-designate earned himself a place in Bitcoiners’ hall of shame alongside Peter Schiff and Warren Buffett. Bitcoin has “no intrinsic value,” he said. Anyone who...

Bank of England Adds Support for Central Bank Digital Currency

The latest voice adding to the chorus of support for a digital currency is that of Sarah John, the Bank of England’s chief cashier. She says it is “crucial”...

BoE Governor Mark Carney Proposes World Cryptocurrency

Governor of the Financial institution of England Mark Carney put ahead the concept of changing the U.S. greenback with a central bank-issued cryptocurrency like Fb’s Libra. Carney Proposes The Artificial...

A Short History of Major Fiat Currency Collapses and What Triggered Them

Earlier this year we witnessed a mini flash crash that hit the fiat currency markets. It took approximately seven minutes for the Australian dollar to plummet against the Japanese...

Bank’s Refusal to Release $1.2B of Venezuelan Gold Strengthens the Case for Bitcoin

Venezuela’s economic crisis is impossible to ignore. President Nicolás Maduro’s attempt to withdraw $1.2 billion of the country’s own gold from the Bank of England (BoE) has been rejected. The notion...

Davos 2019: Leaders Share Mixed Cryptocurrency Predictions

The annual meeting in the Swiss mountain resort of Davos from Jan. 22 to 25, attended by business leaders, politicians, and economists is in progress. Cryptocurrency is once again on the...
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