What Would it Cost to Build a Bitcoin Mining Rig Today?

Poolin.com has put together an updated analysis of the present cost of putting together a profitable Bitcoin mining rig. This information provides a unique insight into the complexities of...

Bitmain Announces Sale of New S19 Crypto Miner

Just over a month since announcing the upcoming release of the Antminer S19 series, the crypto mining hardware is on sale at last. Today, Bitmain revealed that its next-gen...

US Court Throws Out Nvidia Corp Crypto Lawsuit

A group of investors charged US-based GPU maker Nvidia with making false statements about its inventory of graphic processing units (GPUs). However, US District Judge Haywood S. Gilliam Jr....

Is Another Bitcoin Capitulation Just Around the Corner?

Miners may be driving the recent Bitcoin price slide ahead of the halving, dumping coins to ensure their expenses get paid. Halving May turn into Negative Event for BTC Confidence The...

New Bitcoin Model Predicts Bottom Prices With Insane Accuracy

Bitcoin’s PoW consensus mechanism is secured by consumption of electricity, this is what makes each newly mined Bitcoin have value. The newest model to predict Bitcoin price is based...

Which Crypto is the Most Profitable to Mine in 2020?

Crypto mining is becoming exponentially competitive. It used to be that anyone with a PC could mine at a profit, but now you need expensive equipment to stand any...

Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Sees Huge 6.8% Increase

Bitcoin’s mining difficulty rate adjustment is one of the key innovations behind the success of the Nakamoto consensus. As the amount of miners increases or decreases the difficulty of...

Who will Mine Bitcoin when Prices hit $1000? ‘Last Miner Standing’

According to his models, the “common sense” prediction is that bitcoin price is going to $135k, says Adaptive Capital partner and on-chain analysis expert, Willy Woo. However, if there...

Bitcoin Halving is Less Than 10000 Blocks Away, Will Prices Soar?

With just over two months to go and BTC still struggling under $9K, will Bitcoin’s halving really affect its price? A Quick Recap of the Bitcoin Halving The Bitcoin halving is...

Bitcoin to Become Superior to Gold After 2020 Halving

After the second halving in 2016, Bitcoin’s price skyrocketed. So, will the third halving, scheduled to occur in May 2020, repeat the same? A Pre-Halving Bitcoin Price Rally Is Already...
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