Max Keiser Bashes Bitcoin SV, Says Its Price Is a “Hologram”

Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV) has a market capitalization of over $3 billion, despite the criticism it has faced over recent years. This makes it the sixth-largest cryptocurrency, ahead of...

Bitcoin Association President Served Subpoena Over Twitter

The quest for the Bitcoin Association President continues as the law firm representing David Kleiman’s estate reaches out to Jimmy Nguyen on Twitter. NGUYEN KEEPS BUSY, YET CANNOT BE FOUND On...

Craig Wright Lawsuit: Kleiman’s Lawyers Search For Jimmy Nguyen

In the latest development of the Craig Wright vs Ira Kleiman legal circus, the Plaintiff’s legal team are trying to subpoena Jimmy Nguyen for a deposition, but are having...

Craig Wright Lawsuit: Tulip Trust and Bonded Courier Questions Remain

Ira Kleiman’s lawyers have recently replied in support of a motion which could force Craig Wright to produce new evidence on the Tulip Trust. The Plaintiff asserts that exposing...

Bitcoin SV Nodes Crash Hard Following Genesis ‘Downgrade’

Following the Bitcoin SV ‘Genesis’ Hard Fork on Feb 4th, the number of nodes on the network has reduced dramatically. In a tweet this morning, Arthur van Pelt of...

Craig Wright Stalls Bitcoin Lawsuit, Says Bonded Courier is an Attorney

  In the latest dramatic turn of events in the Kleiman v Wright lawsuit, Craig Wright has claimed attorney client privilege over 11,000 documents, from over a dozen companies he...

Canadian Mining Firm Publicly Rejects Bitcoin Cash Tax Plan

TAAL, a Canadian Bitcoin mining firm which mines Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and Bitcoin SV (BSV), has announced their plans to no longer mine on the BCH chain....

Sunday Digest: Bitcoin Price, BSV Pump and Dump, and Other News

Today is the day when Orthodox Christians submerge themselves in icy water to mark Epiphany, celebrating the baptism of Jesus in the River Jordan. Personally I prefer to celebrate my...

Bitcoin SV Miners Pressured to HODL, Crypto Fund CIO Says

Latest information reveals that BSV miners are more and more holding their block rewards versus promoting them available on the market. Some argue that that is the results of...
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