Executives of Korean Exchange Sentenced to Jail for Faking Volumes

Two executives of a South Korean cryptocurrency exchange have reportedly been sentenced to jail for inflating trading volumes on their exchange. The pair allegedly used a bot to fake...

Organized Crime: 60% of Cryptocurrency Hacks Carried Out By 2 Groups

According to a new report by Chainalysis, 60 percent of cryptocurrency hacks (over $1 billion) were carried out by just two professional groups. Cryptocurrency Hacks Are a Centralized Affair If you...

Litecoin Founder Stokes Debate Over ‘Bitcoin Extremists’ Tweet

Litecoin founder Charlie Lee has fired community debate in...

Chinese Survey Finds Nearly 40 Percent of Respondents Would Invest in Crypto

Of all the respondents to a Chinese survey, 40...

Bitcoin (Not Gold) Remains Best Bet Against Debt-Based Fiat Ponzi Scheme

The price of gold has been on a bit of a tear recently as investors begin scaling into precious metals amid stock-market uncertainty — but some investment professionals believe...

Skeptical Payoneer CEO Dismisses Idea of Single Currency Like Bitcoin as Unrealistic

Payoneer chief executive officer Scott Galit has dismissed the idea of a single global currency like bitcoin as unrealistic. Galit argued that he doesn’t believe countries like the U.S....

Lightning Network Beats Apple Pay in Merchant Onboarding, New Study Finds

Lightning Network is only a few seconds slower than the best (centralized) digital payment solutions on the market such as Apple Pay, and is actually “days faster” when it...

Kraken Buys UK Exchange Crypto Facilities for at Least $100 Million

Crypto Facilities will continue operating from London under its...

Hong Kong: Purported Bitcoin Millionaire Reportedly Arrested After Making It ‘Rain Cash’

A purported Bitcoin millionaire has reportedly been arrested in...
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