Russian Marketplace Allows Users to Sell Items Priced in Cryptocurrency

A new Russian online marketplace that allows users to buy and sell goods and services priced in cryptocurrency has rapidly expanded in recent months. The Mentalmarket website has been...

Japan Unveils Plans to Regulate Initial Coin Offerings

Japan’s Financial Services Agency has held several meetings to discuss how to best regulate initial coin offerings. In addition to registration requirements, the regulator reportedly plans to amend two...

Maduro Orders Price of Venezuela’s ‘Cryptocurrency’ to More Than Double

Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro has announced that the price of the petro, his country’s national “cryptocurrency,” has been increased from 3,600 sovereign bolivars to 9,000. While the wallet for...

Japanese Cryptocurrency Exchange to Relaunch as Part of Huobi After Buyout

A regulated Japanese cryptocurrency exchange is shutting down to relaunch as part of the Huobi family. The new exchange will support six cryptocurrencies and 11 trading pairs. Existing Bittrade...

SEC Fails to Show Court Blockvest Tokens Are Securities

A U.S. district judge has denied the motion filed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) against cryptocurrency company Blockvest and its founder. The SEC failed to show the...

Report: Bitcoin Mining Doesn’t Fuel Climate Change, It Benefits the Global Economy

The majority of bitcoin miners — about 78 percent — use renewable energy to power their mining operations, while preventing surplus electricity from going to waste in countries such...

Crypto Markets Meet December in Green, Bitcoin Trades Above $4,200

Crypto markets go green on the first day of...

North Korean Hackers Move Onto Attacking Individuals After Exchanges Boost Security

North Korean hackers have reportedly carried out over 30...
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