Binance CEO Ready for Elon Musk to Take Bitcoin Lightning Torch

Cryptocurrency change Binance’s CEO has renewed requires Tesla founder Elon Musk to take part in a Lightning Community undertaking begun by Bitcoin customers. A Week Of Musk-Lobbying In a tweet February...

Bitcoin Lightning Community Hits 6,00zero Nodes After Week Of Twitter Highlight

Bitcoin’s mainnet Lightning Community implementation has hit new data throughout the board as its speedy progress continues in 2019. 6,00zero Nodes, $2.four Million Capability Information from monitoring useful resource confirms...

Bitcoiners Call For Elon Musk to Accept the Lightning Network Torch

Participants in the ongoing Lightning Torch Bitcoin transaction relay have turned their attention to involving Tesla CEO Elon Musk after Twitter’s Jack Dorsey joined this week. First Dorsey, Now Musk? Lightning...

Jack Dorsey Hints Bitcoin Lightning Payments Are Coming to Twitter

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has become the unlikely hero of Bitcoin social media after he joined the Lightning Network and said he would never own any altcoins. Jack Dorsey Joins...

Cryptograffiti’s Latest ‘Running Bitcoin’ Portrait Sees Auction Bids of Over $30K

In roughly three days, on Feb. 7, Cryptograffiti’s latest art auction on Bitify will come to an end. “Running Bitcoin,” a tribute to the legendary cryptographer Hal Finney, currently...

Bitcoin Nodes Exit China After Regulations for ‘Healthy Development’

New data shows that December and January saw the biggest changes in Bitcoin nodes in China and France, as the former introduced madatory registration with the government. China Decreases Node...

Bitcoin Obituaries ‘Graveyard’ – Pay Your Respects via Lightning Network

Bitcoin users can now fight the naysayers and expand their knowledge of the Lightning Network – by purchasing flowers to leave at the ‘Bitcoin Graveyard.’ Bitcoin Obituaries 2.0 A project from...

Lightning Network Reaches Marathon 600 BTC Capacity

The Lightning Network on Bitcoin passed a fresh milestone this week, taking its overall capacity to over 600 BTC ($2 million) for the first time. 1 Year, $2 Million Data from...

Research Reveals $1.7 Billion Obtained via Crypto Thefts and Scams in 2018

About $1.7 billion in cryptocurrency was obtained via illicit...

Users Are Passing a Bitcoin ‘Lightning Torch’ Payment Around the World

A new, decidedly social feature on the Bitcoin Lightning Network is gaining popularity this week after one user set up cryptocurrency’s answer to the Olympic flame. Lightning Torch Reaches 2.3M...
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