Ethereum cost research: Bulls Make Their Move

On Sunday Ethereum cost ramped up an amazing 12%+ upside move. Performs this mean Feb drop that is 5th $100 had been the 2019 bottom for Ethereum? Ethereum...

Bitcoin Value Evaluation: Bulls and Bears Beginning to Really feel the Pinch

Bitcoin worth ran as much as $3700 however that moved has been capped for nearly every week, with worth meandering in a good vary with failed breakouts to each...

Ethereum Worth: Consolidating For The Subsequent Leg Up?

On Friday Litecoin kickstarted an outstanding rally which led all the market larger. Can Ethereum proceed to achieve by itself or will Bitcoin and Litecoin value motion mirror Ethereum’s...

Bitcoin Price Surges Hitting The $3,700 Goal

Bitcoin worth surged 11% after being led by Litecoin’s spectacular 30% transfer earlier within the day. The cryptocurrency market can be up 10% as a complete on the time...

Ethereum Price Analysis: Back to the Eighties?

After Constantinople’s fall, Ethereum price appears set to dip below $100 and possibly return back to the $80s. Will the rescheduled Constantinople upgrade pump ETH again? Ethereum Price: Market...

Bitcoin Price Analysis: Straight Six For the Bears

As Bitcoin heads into the first monthly close of 2019, we take a look at the price action over the last month and what might lie ahead for the...

Markets Update: Consolidation Continues as Traders Wait for a Breakout

On Sunday, Jan. 27, a vast majority of cryptocurrency markets have seen sideways consolidation as prices have been following a narrow range for over a week. A few major...

Markets Update: Crypto Prices Drift Sideways While Traders Remain Uncertain

A lot has changed since our last markets update as digital asset prices have been consolidating after the cryptoconomy’s last big drop in value. The entire ecosystem’s market valuation...

Markets Update: Cryptocurrency Gains Start Lifting Confidence Among Traders

The cryptocurrency economy has seen some improvement over the last 48 hours as many of the top digital assets are seeing gains between 5-15% this Saturday. The entire ecosystem...
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