Recent Bitcoin Top Shares Key Similarities With Black Thursday Plummet

Bitcoin’s recent $2,000 crash sent chills down the spines of crypto investors, turning market sentiment from extreme greed to fear in less than 48 hours flat. The sharp drop brought...

Why The Upcoming US Election is Bitcoin’s Biggest Risk

Bitcoin broke up through $12,000 but is now crashing. Gold set a new all-time high but has since pulled back. The S&P 500 keeps on setting high after high. Still,...

After $1,000 Drop, Bitcoin Buy Signal Could Conjure Bullish Reversal

After an incredible 2020 recovery rally from Black Thursday lows, Bitcoin price may have topped out for the year. Several indicators have been pointing to a peak in the...

Bitcoin Pullback Could Be Due to “Exaggerated” Dollar Debasement Claims

Bitcoin is up well over 50% for the year, despite an ongoing selloff cutting the recent rally down to size. The cryptocurrency also rose by over 200% from its...

Bitcoin Blasts Back Above $12,000, Sets New High For 2020

Bitcoin’s price this morning blasted clean above $12,000 for yet another attempt to hold above the key level. The latest move also has set a new high for the...

How a Repeat of the “Roaring 20s” Could Boost Bitcoin Adoption

The 2020s have drawn comparisons to the 1920s for several reasons. The “roaring” ’20s was a tough time for the world, but what came out of it was prosperity...

Gold Tokens Reach Milestone Market Cap; Does This Pose a Threat to Bitcoin?

Bitcoin and gold have been rising in tandem, as the dollar has been falling. It has also driven the growth of the market cap of digital gold tokens, backed...

Why Toppling Silver and Gold Prices Could Be Especially Bad for Bitcoin

In March 2020, the stock market dragged cryptocurrencies down to their Black Thursday bottom. Since then, however, soaring gold and silver prices have helped restore interest in Bitcoin and...

Bullish For Bitcoin: BTC Supply Slowly Shifts From Whales Toward Smaller Entities

New data shows that the amount of Bitcoin held by smaller entities has grown significantly. Meanwhile, during the same time, whale-sized BTC wallets declined by a similar margin. Clearly,...

From Broke To Bitcoin: The Post-Pandemic Rags To Riches Story

The pandemic has brought about tough times on many. The economy is struggling, jobless claims are rocketing, yet thanks to Bitcoin, there could be a happy ending to this...
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