Yesterday, Radar — a Denver-based technology startup looking forward to the brand new economic paradigm — released a new “onboarding experience” for Bitcoin’s Lightning system. Called ION, the brand new project can be an guide that is interactive learning how a Lightning Network works and for trying out the most popular second-layer way to Bitcoin’s scalability problems. 

as yet, Radar happens to be most common for Radar Relay, a application that is decentralized) on Ethereum.

Radar’s new Lightning Network onramp will be the simplest way for folks to have connected to Bitcoin’s second-layer solution. Based on a pr release, ION’s homepage “includes everything a new user needs to join the Lightning Network on a single page, including a testnet mode sandbox for new users to experiment with Lightning payments risk-free and a mainnet mode with comprehensive resources to behind using real Bitcoin for real products and services.”

Additionally, Radar offers ION News to help keep users as much as date in the latest Lightning system developments and ION Wiki, an accumulation informative resources, tools, and applications for Lightning Network.

Blockchain Capital partner Spencer Bogart noted:

Bitcoin is considered the most exciting and empowering thing to occur to economic areas in years together with Lightning Network is using items to the level that is next. The challenge that is biggest, but, is onboarding users and I’m thrilled to see Radar tackling this challenge head-on with ION.

Likewise, Radar ION Product Lead Brandon Curtis stated:

The Lightning Network is quickly increasing, but accessibility for brand new users and have development and integration for developers are challenging conditions that have actuallyn’t gotten attention that is much. By helping more people to connect and providing them with the tools to build and experiment, we can accelerate exploration and adoption of exactly what the Lightning system is capable of.

There is unquestionably a great deal to be stoked up about in terms of Bitcoin (BTC) while the Lightning Network. New developments that facilitate onboarding and education, such as for instance Radar ION, are often exciting.

What do you consider of Radar ION and Bitcoin’s Lightning system? You think the latter shall facilitate conventional use for Bitcoin (BTC)? Tell us your ideas into the reviews below!

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