Tezos Lawsuit Nears Conclusion, XTZ Bulls Eye $2

After more than two years of litigation the Tezos Foundation has agreed to settle the USD $25 million lawsuit levied against it by several early investors. This move could...

MoneyGram Has Made ‘Millions’ Selling Ripple’s XRP

In its recently filed annual report to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission MoneyGram reports $11.3 million in revenue as a result of its Ripple partnership. Ripple Labs pays...

People Want to ‘Buy Bitcoin’ and Not Sell, Internet Data Shows

Searches for “Bitcoin” have jumped considerably over the past thirty days, according to the Baidu Data Index. Such interest coincides with other indications that investors increasingly view the present...

These Bitcoin Bullish Signals Paint a Promising Picture For Q2

Analyst Will Woo has posted more encouraging evidence of an impending Bitcoin rebound. With global commodities markets in turmoil, Bitcoin appears to be breaking out on its own, decoupling...

Crypto Adoption ‘Set Back 18 Months’ Amid ‘Shitstorm’: Mike Novogratz

Michael Novogratz claims that the growing economic crisis has set back crypto adoption by twelve to eighteen months. He made this statement in an interview with Anthony Pompliano, where...

Rhode Island Introduces ‘Economic Growth Blockchain Act’

The state of Rhode Island introduced a bill, March 11, to establish an ‘economic growth blockchain act’. The aim of the bill is to create a blockchain-friendly business environment to...

Youtube Continues Crypto Clampdown, Ivan on Tech Switches Platforms

Ivan on Tech has once again been censored on Youtube. As a result, the popular crypto vlogger has decided to move over on to his own platform to publish...

Crypto Now Legal In India? Not So Fast

Blockchain advocates have hailed the recent Indian Supreme Court’s pro-crypto ruling as a landmark for adoption and development. Now, new forces are emerging that seek to put the brakes...

Pompliano Says He Wouldn’t Buy XRP

Anthony Pompliano, host of the “Off the Chain” podcast and co-founder of Morgan Creek Capital, said he would not buy XRP when asked in an interview with CNN’s Julia...

Can Intelligence Agencies Spy on Your Crypto Transactions?

The recent Crypto AG story has taken the world by storm. During the cold war, the CIA and W. German intelligence sold encrypted communication devices with a backdoor, allowing...
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