Yesterday, Ethereum Miners Received 60% More Fees Than Bitcoin Miners

Ethereum transaction fees have continued to spike as demand for smart contracts and ETH transfers have spiked. It has reached a point where yesterday, June 6th, Ethereum miners brought in...

Ethereum Transaction Fees Are Still High — and Some Users Want Solutions ASAP

During the bull run of 2017, the top blockchains, Bitcoin and Ethereum, were subject to extremely high transaction fees. At one time, it cost $50 to send BTC from wallet...

Key On-Chain Metric Shows a Strong Bitcoin Bull Rally is Brewing

Bitcoin investors haven’t done too well over the past two months. Despite the near 100% recovery from the $3,700 lows seen on March 12th, the cryptocurrency remains more than...

A DeFi App Was Just Hacked for Over $300,000 in Ethereum & Bitcoin

There’s no doubt that decentralized finance (DeFi) has been central to the Ethereum ecosystem over the past year. But unfortunately, this use for the second-largest blockchain by its underlying...

Ripple Partnership Discussed By Bank of America Exec

In an interview discussing emerging digital payment technology a lead executive at Bank of America praised Ripple as a partner. She noted Ripple’s passage of the bank’s compliance processes,...

Bitcoin Investment Vastly Higher Than Assumed, New Data Suggests

The debate over Bitcoin’s market strength continues, yet one analyst has released data indicating that investment in the flagship cryptocurrency has been considerably more substantial than previously thought. If...

Bitcoin has Maintained it’s Value Compared to Gold and Stocks: Analysis

Three weeks ago, as global commodities markets crashed, Bitcoin’s price tumbled more than 40% over the course of a few days. In the face of this collapse, critics derided...

Will Bitcoin Price Hit $70,000 Post Halving?

Many analysts asserted that 2020 would be a strong year for the Bitcoin market long before the current global economic crisis began. Most notably, the flagship cryptocurrency was expected...

3 Major Developments That Will Change How You Use Bitcoin

For all of its revolutionary potential, Bitcoin remains a work in progress. Its long, and often contentious development has been the subject of immense debate among both supporters and...

Revolut Standard Users Can Now Use Cryptocurrency Feature

British fintech company Revolut with over 10 million users is now offering its cryptocurrency feature to standard users. Revolut Allows All Users to Try Cryptocurrencies One of Europe’s largest and most...
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