Is Another Bitcoin Capitulation Just Around the Corner?

Miners may be driving the recent Bitcoin price slide ahead of the halving, dumping coins to ensure their expenses get paid. Halving May turn into Negative Event for BTC Confidence The...

Whale Transfers Bitcoin Worth $10 Million to Bitstamp; Dump Incoming?

Bitcoins worth $10 million dollars have been transferred to the cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp from an unknown wallet address. Will BTC dump again?  Just two days after Bitcoin’s biggest crash in...

FTX Exchange Pays Users’ Gas Fees Out of Own Pocket

After unprecedented trading volumes and some network congestion, the FTX exchange introduced special measures to boost trader confidence. FTX Exchange Compensates Traders for ETH Congestion The rising gas fees for Ethereum...

Bitcoin Market Now 100x Smaller Than Negative Yield Bond Market

Recent research shows as much as 27% of bonds offer negative yields. The market is now 100x larger than the size of the Bitcoin market. Bond Market 100X Larger than...

3 Things Holding Bitcoin Price Back Right Now

The crypto market has slumped $13 billion in the past 24hrs, leaving a vast majority of digital assets deep in the red, including Bitcoin price. Here are 3 things...

Bitcoin Price Must Break This Level to Turn Bullish Again

After breaking above $9,000 and finding support, Bitcoin price is seeking direction again. But the leading asset must cross over the $9,500 resistance to initiate another bull rally, analysts...

BitMEX Keeps Hoarding Bitcoin, Revenues Keep Peaking

BitMEX remains an unstoppable force in the Bitcoin and crypto space, a top choice amongst traders looking for futures market operators. BitMEX Keeps Attracting Bitcoin Deposits BitMEX keeps adding both traders...

Op-Ed: Why You Should Hold Bitcoin Over Government Fiat?

The Bank of England governor-designate earned himself a place in Bitcoiners’ hall of shame alongside Peter Schiff and Warren Buffett. Bitcoin has “no intrinsic value,” he said. Anyone who...

Who will Mine Bitcoin when Prices hit $1000? ‘Last Miner Standing’

According to his models, the “common sense” prediction is that bitcoin price is going to $135k, says Adaptive Capital partner and on-chain analysis expert, Willy Woo. However, if there...

10 Years of Bitcoin and Crypto: 3.1 Billion Transactions

The overall transactions on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency networks reached 3.1 billion from the launch of BTC in 2009 to boom times of the past couple of years. In 2019, Bitcoin...
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