Why Analysts Think XRP Has The “Worst Looking Chart” in the Crypto Market

XRP’s price rallied overnight and is finally starting to see some of the momentum that has recently been incurred by the rest of the crypto market Despite this, analysts are...

Bolstering Bear Case, Data Indicates XRP’s Social Media Presence is Losing Steam

The third-largest altcoin, XRP, has largely been left out of the recent surge in the altcoin market. While there are some that expect for the popular cryptocurrency to follow its...

Why Analysts Think XRP Will Plunge At Least 40% Against Bitcoin

With recent rallies in altcoins from Ethereum and XRP to Cardano and more, it seems it’s “altseason” once again. Bitcoin dominance, after all, saw a crucial rejection that suggests...

Last Time This Signal Appeared, XRP Dove 35% Against Bitcoin. It’s Back

Like other altcoins, XRP has rallied against Bitcoin over the past few days. While the leading cryptocurrency has stalled in the low-$9,000s, XRP has begun to push past the psychological...

As XRP Rallies, Here’s the Level Top Traders Plan on “Shorting With Fury”

The aggregated cryptocurrency market is beginning to flash some signs of strength after an extended period of sideways trading Altcoins have been leading the market higher, as Bitcoin has remained...

XRP’s Recent Collapse Could Force Ethereum Under $200, Analyst Suggests

While Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other top cryptocurrencies are near year-to-date highs, the same cannot be said for XRP. As the chart below depicts, the leading altcoin is trading at $0.185...

XRP Has Just Broken Past a Crucial Downtrend, But Don’t Bet on a Rally

Bitcoin, Ethereum, along with many other cryptocurrencies have done well in 2020. Yet the same cannot be said for XRP, which is down by approximately 10% since the start...

XRP Has Been in a Macro Downtrend For Almost 1,000 Days: Analyst

From the lows made in March, XRP is up by over 50%, trading at $0.18 as of this article’s writing. Yet this bounce has not convinced analysts that the cryptocurrency...

XRP Has Been Setting Lower Highs for 886 Days; Why Analysts Expect More Weakness

XRP has been severely underperforming the aggregated crypto market throughout 2020 The crypto is now on its 886th day of selling lower lows Analysts do not believe that this trend is...

100M XRP Unlocks from Ripple’s Escrow Wallet, Compounding Technical Weakness

XRP has been caught within a long-held bout of consolidation around $0.20, struggling to garner momentum in either direction Although the lack of a consistent USD downtrend may be welcomed...
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