Bitcoin Most Well-liked in Africa Proper Now

The Google search developments of “Bitcoin” time period have moved from Western nations to Asia and Jap Europe all through the years and just lately landed in Africa, in...

Bringing Higher Bitcoin Consciousness To Botswana

SatoshiCentre in Botswana has been a Bitcoin educator and FinTech incubator since 2014, and is driving innovation in certainly one of Africa’s most prospering crypto nation.  Bitcoin Consciousness In Botswana SatoshiCentre...

South African Gov’t Reveals It Has No Plans to Ban Crypto in Recent Consultation...

South African central bank has issued a jointly developed...

IBM, Ford Blockchain Pilot Targets Cobalt Supplies From Democratic Republic of Congo

The two companies and several others are using blockchain...

Bitcoin Primely Positioned as U.S. Foreign Policy Pushes Rivals to Ditch Dollar

As President Donald Trump presides over geopolitical shape-shifting as the poster boy of separatist politics, the most significant clapback yet may be loss of confidence in the U.S. dollar....

Over 900 Retailers Worldwide Now Accept Bitcoin Cash

The number of online retailers accepting bitcoin cash (BCH) has swelled to more than 945 stores in the last few months. According to Marco Coino, which provides a directory...

Report: Use of Cryptocurrencies for Remittance Is Growing in Popularity

A new report by a blockchain-focused research company asserts that there has been a spike in people using cryptocurrencies to send remittances. This growth is in part due to...

Cryptocurrency and Taxes: How to Use 2018’s Losses to Your Advantage

Taxes have been a hot topic in the cryptocurrency world this year. Many countries have been trying to figure out how to tax crypto assets, while traders have been...
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