Bitcoin Development Activity is Being Funded by These Players

A just-released report from Bitmex shows that Bitcoin platform development continues to grow and diversify. A look at key players reflects greater interest in scalability and bringing the flagship...

IOTA Network Back Online, But Is the Ordeal Over?

The IOTA Foundation has restarted value transactions on the Tangle, marking a major step in the platform’s recovery from a major security breach. Although the IOTA community now celebrates...

IOTA Outage Has Already Outlasted Several Celebrity Marriages

IOTA has had things pretty rough lately with the network shut down for 15 days now. According to Crypto Bobby, that’s already outlasted several celebrity marriages – will it...

IOTA Holders Urged To Change Wallet Passwords Now

After releasing an update for their compromised Trinity wallet, the IOTA Foundation is directing users to change their passwords. More steps will soon be announced to ensure funds are...

5 Worst Performing Cryptocurrencies In opposition to Bitcoin in 2019

Bitcoin has gone by way of yet one more leg up, gaining 5 % previously 24 hours alone. And whereas some altcoins have managed to extend even surpass BTC,...

Report: Majority of $11.4 Million Stolen in 2018 Iota Token Heist Has Been Found

A top member of the Germany-based Iota Foundation has...

Danish Government’s Energinet Signals Iota Deal to Improve Energy Sector Offerings

Danish state-owned energy company Energinet aims to use Iota...

Bitcoin Stands Still Around $3,400 as Most Top Cryptos Report Moderate Gains

The top 20 cryptocurrencies are reporting mostly moderate gains,...

International Police Collaboration Leads to Arrest of Suspect in $11 Million IOTA Theft

Following international police collaboration, a 36-year-old individual suspected of...
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